Communicate with Blueprint Component inside Pawn

Hi Everyone,

After DAYS of trying to figure this out, I have to give up. I thought this is easy (since everything else worked like a charm so far):
I have a pawn with multiple Gun Blueprints inside of it. Since every weapon reacts differently I wanted to put the functionality inside the Weapon Blueprints and just trigger a “fire” function in the Blueprints (which are Components of the Pawn If I understand it correctly). But I can not trigger a function for a Component Blueprint inside my pawn.

Blueprint Interfaces always get the feedback not to be implemented (Even though I followed the tutorial).

And when I try to create a custom event in one of the Blueprints, drag the BP Component inside of the Pawn into the Event Graph and trying to trigger this event, is does not show up in the Actions list when I drag out the Output.

I must have a fundamental misunderstanding here. I just want to have a BP Component with a custom event inside in my Pawn and trigger it. Can anyone help please? Thanks!

Try casting to your character, promote to variable call it “ThisPlayer” then grab the pawn from ThisPlayer.

Turn off ‘ContextSensitivity’ in the search box when you drag the wire from BP Crossbow and you should see it.

Sorry, I don’t understand this. AFAIK your example is the inverse of what I want. Thanks anyway.

Thanks. Now I was able to see the ‘Fire event’, but trying to connect it with my BP Component was not possible.
I found a solution though (will post as answer under this)

I found a solution. The construct is a little weird to me, but works (tested it).

Inside the Pawn:

First I need to Cast to the Class of my BP Component (WP_Crossbow), connecting the Component directly as Object doesn’t work, I have to ‘Get Child Actor’ first.
(I guess this is kinda getting the instance of our BP Class, so it knows what to talk to.)
The cast then gives back a Target that can trigger the Fire Event.