Communicate between two level blueprint


The level in our game is quite big and it contains many sub-levels. The persistent level and each sub-level will have its own level blueprint. Now we want to communicate between different level blueprints and did not find a way to do this. Is there any existing way to do that?

I searched the forum and the answerhud but only got the answer for how to communicate between level blueprint and class blueprint.

Thank you for your help in advance!



I don’t know is this is exactly what you are looking for but, you can store some variables in your game instance to use them between levels.
This tutorial series was useful to me : Unreal Engine Tutorials - YouTube

Hope it help

Hi Demilliac,

Thank you for your answer. Now I know that the GameInstance can be shared by different levels. I may think about how to use that to support what we want to achieve.

But before that I want to check if there is any existing way to support this in UE4. I know we can use Custom Event and EventDispatcher to send information within Blueprint or between Class blueprint and level blueprint. Is there an existing way to use event to communicate between level blueprints?

I tried to create a variable in one of the level blueprint and want to use it to reference another level blueprint actor. But seems the Details panel of Level blueprint actor don’t allow me to set the reference. When I select the Level Blueprint actor, the detail panel is always empty and rendered “Select an object to view details”.

Thank you!


anouther option is storing values in the character blueprint possibly in a trigger system i.e. a bool value of has xboss been killed. that way if the player comes back the boss room is already open. this may be constrained by your type of game however. ie multi player games this might be more tricky.


Since no more information on this, I would like to close this. We used similar method as game instance to achieve our results currently. Thank you!


use game instance

u can transfer any variable with this class