Common Way To Store Dialog / Story Text


I’m developing a prototype game which contains a lot of text, and I’m just wondering what is your preferred way of storing story & dialog text ?
Is it something like UE4’s DataTable, database file (SQLite, or others), or custom binary file ?

Currently I use SQLite but I’m not sure if it is the common approach for UE4 development. I come from normal software development so it seems natural to use db.
I’m not sure about the portability of SQLite approach as well though it is supposedly cross platform. If there’s anyone who have developed for non PC platform can u confirm ?



DataTables or text assets allows for multiplatform development; They are imported as common .uasset files.
SQL needs external software installed, not good.

BrUnO XaVIeR, thanks for the advice.
I’ll go that route for now. Though I will probably miss the ability for querying from non index column/field.
Sqlite doesn’t need other installation apart from linking to its library, and it is self contained, but the workflow isn’t refined for UE4.