[Common UI] Text style don't work w/ Common Button Style

Inside the Common Button Style class in “Properties” have a option to select the “Normal Hovered Text Style”, “Selected Text Style” and “Selected Hovered Text Style” (image below)

But doesn’t matter what type of Text Style I select for those button states, the button when hovered don’t change to the correct text style.

At 57:12 in this video from Unreal YouTube channel, Mike Prinke comment that maybe it need a bit of extra C++ to make them work with the buttons :smiling_face_with_tear:

Little to none documentation about Common UI Plugin online, but I found this article by Ben UI, and he said:

“The weird thing is that out of the box, UCommonButtonBase will apply the defined brush styles to itself when the state changes, but it won’t apply the corresponding text style to anything inside it. To make your text change to the correct text appearance, create a subclass of UCommonButtonBase and override the NativeOnCurrentTextStyleChanged() function and use the class returned by CurrentTextStyleClass().”

So the question is:

Is that the final version of the Common UI plugin? The only way to apply common button text style is to use C++? Even when the option is exposed in the plugin class window :melting_face:

Engine version: 5.0.3
Plugin version: 1.0


Ok, I manage to do a work around it, not pretty but works :nerd_face:
Hoe this can help other people out there with the same problem :v:

Inside the Common Button Base class, I used the Common UI “Event On Hovered” and “Event On Unhovered”… solution on the image below:

Btw with the Get Current Style node there is no need to Get Normal Text Style Etc.


To clarify for others, this is how you can set it up:

To simplify even further, the CommonButtonBase has an OnCurrentTextStyleChanged event


this is still not fixed, kinda crazy