Common UI missing "Platform Inputs" in Project settings after upgrade from 4.26

I recently upgraded my project from UE4.26 to UE5 and one of the first features I started integrating is the CommonUI plugin. I followed a Twitter thread that went over how to set it up so that the game would automatically determine your input method and display the correct input icons (gamepad button, mouse buttons etc) on the widgets you’ve bound them too.

Sadly I was stumped at the very last step when I had to enter my configuration files into the project settings. Apperantly if you’re using the Common UI plugin your Project settings should have a “Game - Common Input Settings” and it does. So far so good, however within those settings there’s a category called “Platform Input”, basically a big list of platforms such as Windows, Android, etc. for each of which you can specific some defaults and configs. And while I HAVE that category it is completly empty. No platforms are present on it, they cannot be manually added either.

I then went to inspect Lyra and of course found that it uses Common UI and this category is present and appears as expected. Then I went on to create an entirely new blank project in UE5 and after enabling the Common UI plugin I was yet again greeted by the “Platform Input” category with all of it’s options there.

I did not have Common UI enabled on my project before upgrading, in fact I don’t think it was even available for 4.26. All other functions of the Common UI plugin seem to be functioning correctly for me too - I have access to all classes, styling options and the inputs respond to bound keys. All except for this one setting that just won’t render.

I additionally tried to export the DefaultGame.ini from Lyra, however it seems to omit Platform Input settings entirely. I also tried copying and pasting the Lyra Platform Input settings into my project’s, but it remained blank as before.

Hi, i found the solution.

  1. Go to your ‘*.uproject’ file.
  2. Replace\Add
	"TargetPlatforms": [

	"TargetPlatforms": [
		// ... An other platfroms

Each VALID platform name which you will be added for “TargetPlatfroms” will be generated entry for the ‘Platfrom Input’ section.

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Thank you so much! This has been a huge blocker as I try to implement UI for months now.