Hey there folks!
I’m looking for someone who could build a video game for me. I bet I came to the right place,huh?

If you can make a decent game, well then, I’m talking to you!


I will purchase the assets, give them to you and you create the game.
Once you’ve completed the game, we can discuss further payment for your time and effort!

The basic idea is this…

Terminator vs. Zombies.
In a large cityscape infested with zombies the player takes control of The Terminator.
You make your way through the city finding new weapons, destroying zombies, and maybe even rescuing a few regular people here and there.

The objective to the game? Have fun.

Zombies can’t kill a Terminator so you’ll never have the ability to die and zombies never truly go away so the hordes will just keep coming.

Interested? Let me know!