Commission [$900] for High-Quality Character Model

$300 upon assignment
$600 upon completion in exchange for assets

Here is a low quality character mesh that we have skinned and animated using a biped rig:



We need someone to take this as a starting point and produce 2 finished characters:

  • a “Counter Terrorist”
  • a “Terrorist”


  • Must be rigged to existing biped
  • No animations are required
  • Must include textures
  • Must be designed for use with UE4. This includes normal maps. poly count, etc.

If you are interested, please reply with a link to your portfolio.


Hello bluefalcon,
I am a full time 3D freelancer. Please visit my portfolio at Feel free to write to me.

E-Mail :

Skype : gamefreelancer

Hello Sir

I am interested to do this job for you.Here is my portfolio link.

Hi bluefalcon, I just wanted to offer some advice, be careful with paying up front. Reputable artists don’t generally require a down payment a contract outlining the job and amount owed is more beneficial to both parties. You might risk losing that $300 when the person hired takes it and disappears into the interweb without doing the job. Good Luck with your project, hope you find the right artist for the task.

@DarkRider, that is not really true.Most artists always ask for an upfront payment and they wouldnt risk their reputation on taking a prepayment and vanishing and never getting anything again.

You want 2 characters modeled?

You’re totally welcome to disagree and have your own opinion. Ive been ripped off twice by supposedly “professional” artists over the last couple years at this, and those who did conduct themselves professionally and completed work never asked for down payments; my comment is true in my experience. It’s up to bluefalcon to decide what they are comfortable with, my advice is free.

@DarkRider, sorry to hear, you’ve been ripped of, but that also happened to freelancers taking a job.
Splitting the payment is common practice.

@rotwang agreed, it can be a risky venture for artists too which is why I suggested a good contract for the benefit of both parties. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a very fine line i guess. Most artists ask for an advance payment to start the project… I normally do too. But sometimes transfer fees and other transactions come in the way so a single payment on completion is smarter.

It’s hard for me to see how someone could enforce a $900 contract between parties in completely different legal jurisdictions. I always either charge an upfront payment or use an escrow system using a platform like upwork or

Never meant to open a debate on upfront vs contract payments, or derail this thread. Was just my friendly two cents, no offense intended :slight_smile:

I would never ever model two AAA characters for as low a $900 bucks. Just saying…
Ppl charging that low are hurting their own future in such industry.

its $900 for 2 AAA characters here haha