Commercial use of a game or app created with unreal marketplace content.

We’re looking to build an custom App/game with Unreal - that allows clients of our App/game to Create Fantasy/Trading cards they can then on-sell commercially.

If the trading card contains an icon/image we purchased off the marketplace in order to build the app - can the final trading card output (.png image) be used by our customers of our app for commercial purposes. (example: they want to print 5000 copies of the trading card and sell it in their stores or online).

Example: They may design a fantasy Role Playing game trading card with the drag and drop features we will be adding using unreal - the features will allow them to select from the HUD - icons we purchased from unreal marketplace - example:

They will then build the trading card - then can export Final trading card design for personal/commercial printing purposes…

Note: they will NOT be able to export the individual images - they will only be able to export the final design as .png format for printing purposes. (example: Printing trading cards for their board game).

Not sure what license we need for such purposes.