commercial usage of marketplace content in print?


I have a question. If we purchase something from the unreal marketplace, lets say some character or an environment, can we use it in print?

Meaning, we would render a large portion of a certain environment (we purchased in whole, or put together from multiple purchased elements ourselves) in high resolution in Unreal Editor, and that rendering will be part of large commercial posters (photos we shot ourselves, with the rendered images being visible in certain areas of the image composed in with Photoshop).

Would that be possible?


When customers purchase Marketplace products they get a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to download, use, copy, post, modify, promote, license, sell, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, distribute, or transmit the product’s content for personal, promotional, and/or commercial purposes. Distribution of products via the Marketplace is not a sale of the content but the granting of digital rights to the customer. You can use it in print without restriction.

Hope this helps!

Is royalty-free / commercial use allowed for Non-interactive linear media like brand product advertising distributed as video ?
I had purchased some products and i am using Epic free content too.
Thx in advance

Yes, you can use the products for interactive or non-interactive content, as long as you are not distributing the product’s source code or source files.

Does this apply even to the Free marketplace content? Can I use this free content assets in a commercial project?

at ali yes i asked them that in a live

If I create a builder app using unreal engine which allows users of my app to “build” a poster or “card” can the users of my app use the final exported png image for commercial printing purposes.

example: the app allows them to build a card game then export the cards so they can send them to printer to batch print the cards for resale purposes?