Commercial for Environmental Products

Project Title:
Commercial for Environmental Products

We are a marketing agency located between Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN and are looking for a talented individual or team that can assist us in developing a commercial for some environmental products that run under ground. The goal is to create a video that educates our client’s customers about how their products work, which includes a series of pipes and gas collection items in the ground. We’re looking for a photo-realistic video of a grassy-hill environment where the camera goes under ground to show the inner workings of the products and how they compare to their competitors.

We will provide additional product details and environmental specs upon signed agreement. We cannot release certain details until after a signed NDA.

Estimated: $4,500 - $7,500 USD // Negotiable


  • Two-minute video that illustrates how the products work
  • Level/environment created as photo-realistic as possible
  • We will provide voice-over work, but sound effects to be used
  • Need to go through a QA process and revise as needed
  • Finalized project deadline: November 17, 2017 (post-QA process)

Team Name:
h2b creative

Team Structure**:**
We need someone who can create the level/environment with products, control camera movement, and output as a high-resolution/high-quality video (4K if possible)

h2b creative


Please submit an email to me with some information so that we can understand your qualifications:

Subject Line: Environmental Product Video
Name: (full)
Location: (city and state are sufficient)
Samples of Previous Work: (video / screenshots / etc.)
Are you able to perform video conferences via Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.?

Please let me know also if you have any questions via email and I will be glad to respond.


Hey David, we’ve done work like this in the past, both in the electrical sector, real estate and others so I’d love to chat more about the video. Would you guys be providing all of the audio or is that something else you’d want your dev partner to take care of?

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your interest and response!

We’ll be providing only the voice-over for the video, so the only audio that you and your team would need to do would be any subtle environmental audio effects (nature, wind, water sounds, etc.)

I’m going to go over submissions this week and will begin scheduling calls with you and others next week for us to make a good decision. Thank you for your email with all of your details!