Comments section in String Table editor

I’m using string tables in my project to get it ready for localization and one thing that seems to be missing is comments for each string. Usually you’re able to add additional context for your text so the localizers actually know how it’s used in-game. Poedit does allow you to add comments in its interface but it would be nice to be able to do that when I actually add the strings to the table than later on so I don’t have to go hunting down the context myself (and those wouldn’t be saved anyway so I’d have to redo it every time the string list gets re-exported).

Thanks for the suggestion. CSV string tables do let you add additional columns that appear as meta-data in the PO file, however the string table editor cannot currently view or edit that data (but will preserve it). I’ve entered a Jira to take a look at letting you view, edit, and add this meta-data via the string table editor.

I spent some time on implementing this feature, see for the code changes. Cheers,