Comments / Posts being altered.

Hi All

There are Topics and comments being altered by this site. I understand that some comments are re-written to sound better or to alter “Wrong wording”, but the writers are not notified why.

If you alter or remove a post, please notify the writer.



Hi Narghile

We generally only change posts for clarity and spelling, although authors can’t be notified when this happens, as it is logistically impractical.

Instead, there would be a comment at the bottom of the post with why/what has been changed, if necessary.


Can you give us an example of where this occurred? The only time the website itself should be modifying any posts is when there is profanity used, I have not heard of any other times this has occurred.

Moderators will only modify your post if it’s necessary, but we do edit the titles of threads in one section regularly. In the Got Skills? Looking for Talent? section we add the [PAID] [LFW PAID] etc tags for clarity. Aside from that the only other time would be to correct a spelling mistake to make the title clearer.


EDIT: Also is this is happening on the forums or AnswerHub? AnswerHub questions are routinely edited to give the most descriptive title possible, adding in the proper tags for the question, and moving the thread to the correct Topic section. We do this to make sure the right staff member at Epic will be able to locate your question and answer it, and also to make it easier for others users with the same question to locate your post. We never edit any part of the post itself (unless absolutely necessary, but a note will be added if this occurs), we only modify the title and tags.