Comments on Snippets

I love the idea of snippets and plan to contribute heavily, however I feel there needs to either be comments on snippets or a forum topic and auto generated posts for each snippet to allow proper communication between the creator and users. I want to not only see how many people have viewed my snippet, but also get an idea for how they like it or how I can improve.

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Yeah I hear you. For tutorials that is actually already going to be happening very soon, possibly this week, possibly next. A tutorial will automatically create a forum thread in your name and link to it.

For snippets we want to kind of see how things evolve first. Given what we see on, we are expecting that there are going to be a great volume of these, tens of thousands, but that most of those may be temporary or personal copy-pastes of something. And if that would be the case then we are not sure if generating tens of thousands of forum threads, most of whom will be empty, would work.

I think personally that a challenge we may hit with the snippets is that it may become hard to find back those snippets that stand out, or are particularly useful, complex or special in some way. Our first priority in terms of snippet-upgrading will likely be focused on how to sort/highlight important snippets is my guess.
Then after that we may need to look at what kind of special treatment we could give to the snippets that stand out - comments indeed, or perhaps the ability to add in images or videos or such for added visibility and instructions to people on how to use stuff. Or perhaps attaching files (ex. texture assets?)

We are two days in though, we want to observe for a while and then iterate. This is a brand new feature.

Voting on snippets with a way to sort by popularity would be a good start. As far as comments go it doesn’t really need to be a forum thread per say, but just a simple comment section below the snippet itself for communication. Then it’s not populating the forum with empty threads.