Comments for Behavior Trees

It would be great if we could add comments to behavior trees. I know there is an option to comment on single tree nodes, but IMHO that is not a full replacement for comments that spawn over multiple tree nodes (as in the normal BP editor). Any chance we could see such comments in a future verison of the engine?

It’s possible to create comments in BT, but seems like an old bug resurfaced in 4.22.
I created comments successfully in 4.21 and they properly migrated to 4.22, however I can’t create new ones the way I did it in 4.21

I was able to add in the keyboard short to create comments in behavior tree in a PR, see . It is currently possible to create comments in behavior tree by selecting 2 or more nodes and then right clicking on a selected node and select “Create Comment from Selection”. I hope that helps. Cheers,

Ohh that is great, thanks a lot!