Commenting out Landscape assertion check: is it safe?

I have been constantly hit with this crash:

Assertion failed: InTexture->IsAsyncCacheComplete() [File:D:/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Landscape/Private/LandscapeEditInterface.cpp] [Line: 5666]

That happened pretty much every single time I sculpted my landscape, which made the feature completely unusable for me. So I compiled the editor from source and commented out that line. The crashes are gone and I can work with my landscape again, as usual.

Now I am wondering: what does that check actually does, and is it safe to keep it commented out? That looks like a safety check. Could it corrupt my landscape in the future?

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I am having this EXACT same problem. Same exact error “Assertion failed: InTexture->IsAsyncCacheComplete()”

Editor crashes with this error every time I attempt to use the landscape sculpt tool. Version 4.26

I came here for the answer because on version 4.27 I have the same error. It is strange that I can not reproduce it on a new empty project.
I noticed only that it started after switching on SVT, and in the logs of the departure, I create one card texture2d_0 and 2 texture2d_0_basecolor oodle_dxt1
Although this does not happen on an empty project.

Bug still appears…
Even when i’ve commented this check(InTexture->IsAsyncCacheComplete()); line of code in source engine It still don’t work.

Try disabling your network DDC. It helped me with this error. It seems that if you have some kind of issue connecting or slow speed of shared DDC, it causes this error.

Just leave the field blank.

Anyone found a fix for this? it’s still happening in 4.27