Commenting out Landscape assertion check: is it safe?

I have been constantly hit with this crash:

Assertion failed: InTexture->IsAsyncCacheComplete() [File:D:/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Landscape/Private/LandscapeEditInterface.cpp] [Line: 5666]

That happened pretty much every single time I sculpted my landscape, which made the feature completely unusable for me. So I compiled the editor from source and commented out that line. The crashes are gone and I can work with my landscape again, as usual.

Now I am wondering: what does that check actually does, and is it safe to keep it commented out? That looks like a safety check. Could it corrupt my landscape in the future?

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I am having this EXACT same problem. Same exact error “Assertion failed: InTexture->IsAsyncCacheComplete()”

Editor crashes with this error every time I attempt to use the landscape sculpt tool. Version 4.26