Commenting out a node

Hey guys
I have had an idea for the blueprints that maybe easy for you to implement and would help us devs loads.

The ability to comment out classes in the blueprints, from what i can see you would only need to prevent the action of the white Exc lines operating on a node by making them pass through the a commented node without that node carrying out its function.

At present when we want to test something we have to disconnect the white Exc lines from the input to the node and connect it to the one after it to bypass some functionality, but it would be handy to right click and select comment out this node when then could make it dull and inactive with the Exc line passing through it.

Hope that makes sense.


Nice idea +1

Yeah! Great idea. +1

Do want :wink: staff plz

I actually put in a feature request for this a while ago. It was backlogged for a while, but I’m going to try to revive it since you guys want it too. Thanks for the feedback everyone, hearing you all say you want it will make it a higher priority than if it was just me asking :slight_smile:


Disconnecting exec pins is not remotely as useful.

  1. When you disconnect an exec node, you don’t necessarily know exactly where it used to connect.
  2. Highly cumbersome. Let’s say you want to comment out a huge selection of nodes that have multiple starting exec points. Commenting out can be a single key press, test, single key press to toggle back on. This is opposed to disconnect all the relevant exec pins, test, reconnect all the relevant exec pins. Yuck.


PS: Snap-delete for execution nodes in blueprint - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

(Shift+Del should delete a wire and automatically reconnect the two adjacent nodes)


**Please **implement this. Just a simple checkbox in the title bar of a node would be extremely helpful.

a +1 from me too :slight_smile:

Would be lovely indeed! +2

The way I “comment out” is not to disconnect, but to use ctrl+drag to move the wire and to place a reroute node next to the node’s exec pin so I know where it should reconnect to.

I agree though, a simple right-click-disable-node functionality would be dynamite… Or Spyro’s way, which is even better.

My workaround is: Putting a branch node before the node in question. then i bypass the node on one connection…
Hmmm, now that I think of it, perhaps this can be wrapped in a little macro…

That’s very good idea. And yeah, you can make a BP macro for that…
But I suspect having this active for every single 2K node would require each one to have two running states and that may make things waaayyy more complicated than it seems with simply putting a checkbox to enable/disable the node. Maybe that’s why Epic staff didn’t try it yet.

would be really cool to have those with ability to remove all of them in current blueprint but save exec wires.
even more cool would be working breakpoint bp debugger, not current one, with logspam and standard macro walkaround.

Yeah, this would be a bit more complicated than simply graying out code like in C++. Perhaps they could just convert (in the back-end) all of your nodes into reroute nodes when compiling if the box is unchecked.

+1 Pledging my support for this; while it’s not terrible, the current method of isolating nodes is a bit cumbersome.