Comment BP node

is it possible comment a nodes? i would like to compile with part of the blue print in wip.


Hi erWilly,

If you want to create a specific comment for a node, select the node and right click, there should be a section at the bottom of this menu that says “node comment”. If you want to wrap a comment box around this node, select the node and hit the C key.

hi Adam,

sorry for my english, I say “hide of compiler” like tradicional doble slash // or / /

Just remove the input exec wire and the whole set would be inactive till you linke them up again. You can do this for every part of your blueprint that you wish to temporarily disable.

some nodes get a compile error, you look the image.

Your image is too low-res, I can’t read a thing, But from the looks of it I’m guessing it’s a foreach node, in that case you’re gonna need at least an array for the input parameter, just right click and add one to it, it should stop the error. Otherwise post a high-res shot and we’ll see what’s what.

yes Farshad12 you are correct, and I know why happen, i did not asking for help. I only suggest a new BP feature. Sorry for the low-res, attach images are very resized.