Comment box the only way to comment Blueprints?


is the comment box the only way to comment on blueprints? (Something that would allow at least line breaks would be much appreciated. I like to document what i am doing but with the comment boxes it is a pain in the erm). Is there a way to achieve this?

Greetings, MG

Every node has a comment box, it’s in the upper left corner of the node.


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Both node comments (right-click node) or general comments Ctrl+C / hold C+LeftClick allow wrap.
BTW: Its Shift+Enter. Node comments have the advantage they don’t get in the way zoomed out.
General comments have the advantage that they offer color and keep color when zoomed out etc.
Comment limits: This and long sentences means you can’t see what you’re typing (no auto-wrap).

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Thx, the shift+enter helps (especially that it works in node-desc, too) :slight_smile: (out of habit i unconsciously tried strg+enter all the time :o)
The zooming problem remains tho :frowning: