Comment Away


Feedback needed please. Here’s the back story on this level, without giving you a long drawn on explanation on this I’m just going to give you a very brief run down. The player is waking up in the middle of the desert and he/she spots a cave. Does he/she go in? I don’t know yet. And did level will be based in the night with a sandstorm blowing.

It doesn`t look like a cave since you can see the sky at the end of it, it looks like a tunnel! Make it dark and mysterious.
Imho the ground looks unnaturally flat, even for a desert. Maybe elevate the ground a bit around the hard rocks to make it seem like sandstorms have gathered sand against it, etc.

It’s not done at all, just wanted to get feedback at my progress so far but I’m going to take your opinion into consideration. Anymore suggestions or comments?

  • Which direction is the wind coming from? I would expect to see certain types of erosion in an area prone to sand drifts.
  • The angle of the shot is a bit strange, we need to see it from eye level (unless the character is crawling?)
  • The ground is a bit flat. I understand that the land is probably wind-swept, but your going to see accumulations and little hills. You will definitely see sand deposits on the outside and inside parts of the cave facing the wind.
  • The cave looks like it is composed of granite, which seems strange in a desert environment.
  • The erosion on the granite doesn’t seem right for the area.



I would not go inside!
Perhaps there is some badass enemy hiding and faking the backside of the cave as a tunnel!
Eventually you have to fight your way out with pure fists and a halffilled bottle of water, against an army of something mighty and lazarweaponized.
I would call a taxi to get out of that risk situation.

It could be the opposite too - the evil sandpeople (humanlike lizzards with spears) could also live at the desert,
and the only play to hide and escape them would have been the cave.
Sorry to say, but I think you are a stew before your taxi will arrive.

Perhaps you forgot the thing, why your waterbottle is only half-full?
Water is the natural antidote against all siliconbased liveforms.
You deleted 95% of the main sandpeoplepopulation with 50% of your water.
No problem for you, to shred the rest of the ridiculous 5% with the rest of your water.
It is enough to have “sand” in your designation, to get siliconbased!