Commands for networking

I’m doing a network game. In videotutorials on youtube I found out how to create server through link settings. Just “map_name?listen -game”. And connection for client: “ip_address -game”, but how can I do it in the editor through blueprints or console commands? I try to find it but there is no information about it in documentation =(

How can I do it at all? Maybe through C++ code? There is must be a way

Go for the option on the right side of the play button in the editor -> multiplayer options -> change the number of player (and whether or not to run a dedicated server or a listen one).

I know this way. But in packaged game you can’t do this. I want to launch server inside the game. Through a menu for example

Ooooooohh thaank you!!! I would never find it myself)) Will know about livestreams! Thanks again!)