Commander is almost fixed, Need a Blender User here to tell me what to do about the loose eyes..

The commander looks ok in the skeleton editor, when hes in the t mode but when playing him in the game, well, the screenshot says it all, his eyeballs are in the wrong position and this is a common issue so now how do I fix the loose roaming eyeballs? I been exporting him out of blender with both his mesh and his armature into one fbx file, and the eyeballs were on a separate layer. I had to use CTRL-J to join the eyeballs to his mesh before Exporting him out in order to FORCE UNREAL to import him in with his eyes layer because Unreal Engine had refused to import the eyes in if I didn’t join the eyes to his body mesh before exporting him…

I cannot go into pose mode to reset location, scale, and transition in Blender because if I do, I lose the commander’s mesh on reimporting his rig back in and he just imports into Unreal Engine with only just his uniform without his body mesh. So the Blender Software is buggy, even though
it shows the commander’s mesh both in pose and object mode resetting his hands and feet, but in unreal engine hes nowhere to be found !!. But as soon as I clear that and reimport him in without resetting things in the pose mode, then he shows up ok in the game editor, but soon as I put him in the game and start running him all around his eyes are out of position with his head and it shouldn’t be even doing this I do not know how to fix this type of problem in Blender. For Blender is being stubborn and is refusing to let me try to correct the trouble I’ve been having with the eyes, I just want the eyes to stay in his head during movement.

I hope that I can also beable to reskin his mesh to the epic skeleton rig because his rig is messed because he dosen’t
have any twist bones needed for those epic animations because skewed wrists and hunched up shoulders is not
at all a natural look. Blender is also messed up for it will add in extra bones also to his rig if I load in the same rig in even when I hit new file and re-import in the rig. so there’s a bug in the software that’s causing blender to put in extra unwanted bones.

I also need to get his eye texture a little bit smaller so the eyes don’t look too big and oversized…Does anyone in here know the paramaters for this?. I am using material editor with Texture Coordinates with V and U tilings but it dosen’t seem to be giving me the right eye size that I need. I just want it to shrink the texture size of the eye down to the proper size.

You can use the eyes from the photorealistic character example instead, that way you get basically perfect eyes. If you use them you’ll have to set up sockets for the eyes and add the eyes to those sockets in the BP.

If you can’t reset transforms in pose mode for the character something is wrong, not with Blender but with the way you set up the character.

Hmm When you say i can use the eyes from the photorealistic character example, what are you referring to exactly? Do you mean use the eyes
that are in the real life photo of the commander that was used to skin his head face texture? Do you mean turning his eyes into a paper sprite
and attaching that to a socket over his eyes?

Am i getting the correct interpretation here?

Are your eyes correctly weighted to the right bones? Either bones to control eye movement or the head bone if you’re not animating them. If they’re not weighted they won’t follow the rest of the mesh around and will just hang in the default position. Select the eyes and add them to the correct vertex group.

I’m talking about this: There’s an eye mesh in that project that you can use in your own projects. However it’s not attached to your character so you need to create sockets in your skeleton and add the eyes in your BP and attach them to the sockets.

That project you showed me seems to be supported for version 4.15. But I am running Version 4.14… My game is being built in 4.14… The reason why I’m afraid to upgrade to 4.15 is because it will break the blueprints