Command to debug show inputs on screen

Hello there!

I’ve used a console command in past that shown all currently pressed inputs, axes and their values via on screen messages. Sadly, I’ve forgot to note the command. It was something along the line:

  • showinputs 1
  • debuginput 1
  • input debug

Or something like that. Do you happen to know this command? I’ve searched console command list UE4 Console Variables and Commands, used DumpConsoleCommands, searched documentation and even engine source code without any luck.

Thank you very much!

I still haven’t found the debug command, but one can do something like this:

As seen at Detect if any Key on Gamepad or Keyboard is pressed = Switching Widget - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I have found the command after all!

showdebug input

Works only in play mode!

For anyone read this topic in the future, First of all, you need to enable the "Windows RawInput’ plugin from the plugins list, then after restarting the editor you can use this command to see your device input, in the engine press the Tilda button on your keyboard while you’re in-game and then type this command “showdebug input”