Command line

I’m starting now.

Just a very simple one.

I want to limit viewport frame rate using command “t.MaxFPS 25”, but I can’t see the command line. Where it is?.

Its necessary to have Visual Studio 2013 installed for this simple thing?

Exist some “basic” Visual Studio 2013 version, or something similar that works with Ue4, but free (although obviously, far more limited than “real” Visual Studio 2013)?

Thanks in advance!.


-do it in a blueprint → execute console command
-or open the editor preferences - go to shortcuts - search for console - add a key to “open console…” :slight_smile:

Peeeerfect fighter5347.

Just wonderful.

It was odd to see it in any screenshot in google images, but not be able to see or open it in any place or menu.

I’m gonna finally use Control+Shift+Alt+c to use it.

Eternally grateful!

Ok. Then… there is console commands documentation anywhere?. I can’t find it.

How can we know what does any single command?

Take a look at this thread: UE4 Console commands list - UE4 AnswerHub :slight_smile:

Ok, then, at the present time there isn’t a documentation page on that, just the dumpconsolecommands to view which are available, although is already possible to view it when you start to write on the own command line.

Well, anyway, thanks one more time fighter5347!.