Command line Gametype for Shooter Game

For the Shooter Game Demo, is there a command line to specify gametype ShooterGame_TeamDeathMatch or ShooterGame_FreeForAll from a shortcut?

Here is the server shortcut I’m using to set up a listen server.

"D:\ue4\Unreal Engine\4.3\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe" D:\myPath\Multiplayer\Multiplayer.uproject myMAP?listen -game -log

By default, it just uses whatever game type is baked into the map’s world properties and I’d like to be able to override that and specify a gametype from a shortcut using command lines.

I dug around some more and found these references in the DefaultGame.ini located in the in the config directory.


"D:\ue4\Unreal Engine\4.3\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe" D:\yourpath\Multiplayer\Multiplayer.uproject usernameMAP?Game=ShooterGame.ShooterGame_TeamDeathMatch -game -log

This will set up a dedicated server with the specified game mode.

Hope this helps anybody looking to use server shortcuts to test their own maps with specified game modes.