command feedback in output log

Hi there

I’m new to unreal but have been scripting python in maya for some time now. I was hoping to start getting my head around python scripting in unreal to see if I could try and speed up my work but am struggling somewhat.

I have been looking through a number of docs online but was really hoping there would be a more ‘scripter’ friendly feedback provided within the editor. I’m really hoping there is one and I just haven’t found/enabled it.

What I would love would be a way of finding out what commands are being run under the hood when completing actions using the built in editor tools. In maya you can view nearly every command that runs by simply having the script editor open (and/or even ‘echo all commands’) , its a great way to get your head around how to automate tasks as you do it once and record the feedback, that way you can copy, edit and rerun to script the job.

Does anyone know if there is something similar in unreal?



I hope so too