Coming soon - WebAnimate Pro for free!

Hello Unreal Devs,

The Ikinema team has some excititing news…

Coming soon - WebAnimate Pro for free!

On Jan 12th we will be releasing a free trial of WebAnimate Pro with new tools to help you deliver high-end 3D animation quickly and easily.

New features include:

  • New Library Interface - a simple click and drag interface for your models and MoCaps
  • Drag and Drop Retargeting & Rigging - easy and accurate transfer of animation to models
  • Integrated Sound - straightforward synchronization of actions and sounds

See our trailer below for a sneak peek…

Any feedback is welcome, so PM me or reply!



best news to hear ^^ very excited i really like your products

Can you please explain a bit more on the Trial? Is it time limited or feature limited?

interesting but my made issue with this tread is the title

but in the post you say

can you please update/change it

Hello all,

Allow me to clarify.

First of all there were some issues with the video link - see the working video.

To explain what I mean in the above posts, the WebAnimate Pro software will be available with full functionality for a trial period. It is also available for free indefinitely but without the ability to export.

I am preparing a launch post for the 12th to clarify all the details… more info soon!