coming soon to marketplace, more than 150 modular assets

hi, i just posted some modular assets, there is more than 150 assets including wooden assets, esthetic, buildings, rocks, steampunk engines, cloth covers…,
for the moment it’s on gumroad but will be available on the marketplace as soon as it’s accepted “
and for images of the assets visit my artstation profils""

some pictures hear would be nice
the Models itself look good. but the textures let them done some what, the wood texture looks like it comes from a game the came out 15 years ago. the clay textures just doesn’t look right, I really think you should look at theses to items before you try to release them.

thanks for your comment i’ll be updating the wood textures right now, i’m in a biiiiig need to money that’s why i’m selling those assets, so if you have a request for a better result just say it

some update images

updates will be availble on the gumroad page in some 4-5 hours “it’s a big file to upload^^”

They looks great!

thanks, there will be more comng if that sell well, i keep prices as low as i can it’s 35$ for mre than 180 different assets

These look great, are the cloth over objects models using Apex at all?

no they don’t but i can if you want i can both mad them move with a basic wind material or rigging them and applying apex to them

Either would be great and would definitely sway me to buy it

Either would be great and would definitely away me to buy it :slight_smile: