[Coming soon] Simplified automatic UMG widgets handling and user dialog system pack.

Hey there, developers! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there was some people interested in the UMG widget handling system wich I am currently using on a project and on the dialog displaying widget. It is a system made to make the logic of UMG widgets way more accessible to the UI designers/artists and to cut off the part development time that involves looking up into documentation or in source code.
It is a simplification applied to the UE system that is based upon the assumption that the UMG-using developer does not want to display more than a widget of the same exact type at the time (wich is true with the only exception of rows. They would need a more specific system for them or could just use unreal functions. That kind of system would be created or not depnding on the feedback I get on this thread.)

Here below I’ve put a short description of the features of the two things:

Widget handling system features:

  • It does keep track automatically of the widgets on the screen. With facilitated BP functions to check if widgets are active or not (see the image below).

  • It does handle automatically user focus, input (keyboard navigation too) and cursor showing. Some stuff is handled via variable setting, and some even doesn’t require it.


  • These things can however be still managed manually via semplificated BP nodes. Here below there are a few:
    (whoops I have forgot to replace the old comment here. Only the first is going to be a pure function. The others are just going to get their target pin removed)

  • Oh and (you may have already noticed it), displaying and undisplaying functions can use class inputs. Since the underlying logic keeps track of the widgets being displayed/hided and created/destroyed, it is not anymore necessary. However, there’d be still the normal by-reference version around, just to be present in the case it would be more appropriate to use.
    (here, all of the functions are going to get their target pin removed. So that who buys it can just not worry about it.)

  • Finally, a small PDF practical use guide. (I know, this is already a system supposed to be as easy-to-use as possible, but I am aiming to make it be newbie-proof ).

    There’s the possibility of adding some stuff wich already works with this system, let me know if you’d like to see a main menu or other widgets coming with this system as an usage example, or as a separate pack.


Dialog System features:

-Possibility to display normal and timed user dialogs. Their “button clicked”, “esc pressed”, and “display time elapsed” events can be bound with any functionality as soon as they are created with just an Object reference and the name of the function that needs to called on it. However an image should talk more than another 10 phrases in this case :smiley: :

-The dialog widgets would obviously come with it. There are also two functions to make the whole thing more complete. The target pin s gonig to be removed here too to make things get even simplier.

So that’s what I am working on, let me know how what features are more important for you, how much bucks would you estimate this work. And also how much would you estimate it if it would come with a small document describing the underlying logic, or assistance for the future ue releases (since this is a weak point of marketplace products as I’ve seen)
If you desire to have the controllable-from-c++ version of the thing, contact me privately with my email address .martin@outlook.it

Let me have your opinion on this, Bye!

Giving it a small bump…