[Coming Soon] Pro Networked Combat System

Pro Networked Combat System

Hello Game Builders,

This plugin is a combat framework for Unreal Engine 4. It is built with efficiency, Network Gameplay, and a high degree of customization in mind to help making a professional grade combat system for your game much easier.


  • Asynchronous loading of visual weapon assets
  • Optional Action Management System
  • Full support for custom animations for each weapon
  • Flexible Animation System to meet your needs for each character by type, race, gender, etc.
  • Simplified traces for your team using line, box, and sphere for damage collections
  • Optional High Precision Traces for Animation based attacks and damage
  • Optional ready weapon and holster weapon process flow
  • Lightweight weapon appearance replication for multiplayer games
  • Lightweight action replication for multiplayer games.

Additional Info
More info can be found at my website Asadeus Studios
The website will have links to example projects for download and tutorials on how to setup and use the Combat System.

See the Demo Video Here

More detailed documentation can be found in the online documents available by accessing the plugin’s documentation link in UE4 Editor.
It also includes a link to my Discord Server for direct questions.

For general questions about the plugin contact me via Email at [EMAIL=“Support@asadeus-studios.com”]Support@asadeus-studios.com or using the Support Forum on the website.