(Coming Soon) Forgotten Hotel Pack

The Forgotten Hotel environment pack features a hotel weathered by time and neglect. The versatile design is intended to support various game genres. Whether it’s post-apocalyptic, horror, mystery, or simple exploration, this pack can provide a stunning scene. The assets are both functional and time efficient for level designers. A wide array of interior modules gives you a practical library to fit every need. Everything is built for grid snapping and aligning meshes is a breeze. All assets are textured for PBR and have the appropriate Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, Normal’s, and Opacity Maps needed. Modules use a world tiling material that can be easily swapped out with new textures sets. Assets are built to AAA standards and retain quality even close up.

Features: modular interiors, world tiling materials, stunning props and beautiful foliage assets. Grid snap friendly!

Technical Details: 55 Modular Interiors- Various Walls, Floors, Doors, Stairs, Rug, etc.
65 Props: TV, Mini Fridge, Microwave, Lambs, Assorted Furniture, Thermostat, Bathroom Furnishings, Luggage, and More!
10 Foliage: Ivy, Grass, Leaf piles

Doors and there handles are separate meshes to support animation.

Texture Sizes: 2048

Price: $39.99 USD

Release date is set for Jan 13th, 2016

Here is a demo video showing off the showcase level!

Looks pretty sweet, although some alternate wallpapers would be nice.

I second that :wink:

Thank you for your interest in our pack! If another wallpaper material is a heavily requested addition then we will add one in an update.

Count me in for the additional wallpapers!

I noticed this is $47.99, and not $39.99. Just out of interest, is there a reason for this change in particular? I still think it looks like a good pack and I definitely want it some day!

It might be because of where you live with the currency exchange difference. I just checked on the marketplace that it is 39.99 US Dollars. If you live in the US and it is still saying its 47.99 then it might not be registering your region correctly. In that case I would recommend contacting Marketplace Support.

Hope that helps!

That makes a lot of sense, I’m from the United Kingdom so that’s a little bit of a nuisance to see the price difference, might have to get an American friend to buy it for me!