[Coming Soon] Druid Asset Kit 01-Modular Castles

Coming Soon From Druid Gameworks…

Druid Artists: Adam Engel, Cole MacLean, Joshua Ezzell, & Jostein Sikkeland

Druid Asset Kits are game ready modular asset packs designed to be flexible and highly customizable which gives you the creative freedom to make your marketplace purchase work harder for your project! In Modular Castles, you will be able to design hundreds of different medieval inspired castles with minimum effort. From grand palaces to simple country castles this pack can meet your structural needs. Modular Castles also includes a demo level so you can see how the pieces fit together and a complex material that allows you to customize the color of stones and shingles to create dozens of color combinations all within UE4!


[INDENT=3]Modular Castles Kit Includes:

*=3]12 Straight Wall Variations

*=3]4 Curved Wall Variations

*=3]4 Corner Variations

*=3]12 Closed Round Towers

*=3]8 Open Round Towers

*=3]12 Closed Square Towers

*=3]8 Open Square Towers

*=3]Open Parapets

*=3]Closed Parapets

*=3]Open Main Keep

*=3]Closed Main Keep

*=3]Closed Wings

*=3]Open Wings

*=3]Arched Bailey



*=3]Modular Doors/Windows

*=3]And More! 100 Pieces+ Total!

*=3]Plus, Textures, Maps, & Materials!

[INDENT=3]AND BONUS! Courtyard Set

*=3]Short Walls with Posts

*=3]High Walls With Posts








These images are very early WIP (simple blocking shapes), from about a month ago, but we’re almost ready for the second pass now so bookmark our listing here and check back for updated screens soon!
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Textures included ? Please don’t make it too cartonish…

4k textures at a minimum, correct LOD’s, correct collisions, world displacement/tessellation (aka: tessellation), etc… etc… etc…

The texture style will be realistic, and will have correct LOD, Collision, all that good stuff, game ready :slight_smile:

Make it have this quality:

and I am sold… :slight_smile:

I agree, please make the stuff more as the tower and wall on the picture… A bit more ornamented, not just a cylinder with some more cylinders attached :rolleyes:

The top of the Castle does not look functional like a real world Castle would. The sides look a bit barren as well.

My advice would be to add the following -

  1. Hoardings -
  2. Murder Holes -
  3. Arrowslits -

The posted screens are really early dev, just blocking shapes, the final models have a lot more details, these will be very high quality when finished. I only posted these early screens to show progress as we go, not to suggest these blocking forms are the final product. Will post an update soon, we’re just working on our game at the same time this is a side project. :slight_smile:

Ah ok, Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Any update on this ?

DarkRider has been recruiting for an mmo so it looks like this is going to be with held. Most likely for that game. This is just an assumption.