[COMING SOON] 2D Platformer Kit Blueprint

After many hours of work I am proud to present my first submission attempt to the Unreal Marketplace : the 2D Platformer Kit. I have polished the kit to a state that I consider release worthy and I’m currently working on making a few video tutorials in order to get people started.
It has a wide variety of features + more features to be added post launch as well. A brief list of features below all with completely customizable parameters and different animation states + transition animation states where required :

  • Melee Attack
  • Ranged Attack
  • Timed Block
  • Floating Text for pick-ups
  • **Multi Jump **(double jump default)
  • Wall Jump
  • Wall Slide (Super Meatboy style)
  • Sprint
  • Health System
  • ** Basic moving/static enemies**
  • Collectibles(health & gold)
  • Enemy loot drops
  • Damage system - Including color tinting ,temporary invulnerability and knockback effects on damage

Every feature listed above also has it’s own separate animation state complete with a customizable flipbook animation. A small sample below :

Some things that will miss the initial release but I plan to add them as updates in the following months :

  • More camera versions
  • Floating Combat Text
  • Dash
  • Checkpoint system
  • Multiple weapons
  • Weapon select Interface
  • Basic Enemy AI
  • Traps
  • Experience system
  • Temporary power-ups
  • Audio FX
  • More? ( open to suggestions )

A screenshot of the player character blueprint to give you an idea on the system parameters. Every blueprint is heavily commented and all the important variables have detailed tooltips.

A video of the demo level included in the pack. NOTE : All the assets from the video are included in the final pack and are all public domain assets that are suitable for commercial use. A list of credits is included in the pack for each asset as well.

EDIT : After some feedback I have decided to lower the price from the initial 40$
Suggested price : 30$.

Let me know your thoughts on the features, suggestions for improvements and thoughts on the pricing.


Honest thoughts? Lower the price a little, $40 seems a little steep, other than that it looks great :slight_smile:

Hmm perhaps you are right. I could start with a lower price point and increase it if i feel it’s worth it after some major updates.

First, good job.

Second, the controller seems weird, the speed of doing things, gravity, air control,…lots of things. I know it is hard to judge without testing, but the movement result looks strange. But the price seems Okay, may be 30 or 35 would be more convincing for more people.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I would have to agree with this.

To give feedback on price I would start out at 25 dollars or so.

Really? Hmm strange. Everything about it is customizable though, from movement speed to gravity and jump velocity and even the air control (this is actually made for a game i’m working on and I want the character to have full air control but I should make it more realistic for the pack though) . I’ll try to tweak the default values a bit though and make another video demo with those values.Thanks!