[COMING SOON] 1 Handed Sword Animset Pro



Link: https://www.unrealengine/marketplace/sword-animset-pro

Original post:
Epic haven’t yet start selling my Sword & Shield Animset Pro (submitted 3 months ago) and looks like the new one will be ready in a week! No shield this time, right hand forward. I’m still keeping the “rough and dirty” fighting style, so no fancy fencing (hehe) stances.

's a WIP:


Looks great! Would buy if Epic decide to let you release it any time soon.

Nice will buy just because of the quality as always.

On our wish list.

8-way ledge climbing. 8-way wall jumping. Swimming. Knife fighting

Looks great!! :smiley:

Looking good!

it looks pretty nice but on some swings you dont hit with the cutting side of the sword but with the flat. you should fix it

Can’t wait! I’ve been looking for something like this!

Just bought it! No clue how to use it T_T

Start with creating a very basic movement controller and go from there. You don’t have to build a witcher game (though you could!) on your first try :wink: Remember that the license and the animations are FOREVER yours. You can use them even 15 years from now. And they are pretty much timeless, unlike 3D models. The FBX source files are included, so even if UE4 goes obsolete - you still have the animations.

Looks good as always, I got all your sets so far, great stuff.
I was hoping the next set you where releasing was something related to two handed swords / weapons.

Are you planning on doing something like that in the future?

Thanks for replying. Love the animations. is there a tutorial somewhere? I see you have one for unity do you have one for unreal engine?

How do I add the animations to my Hero_ttp?

I’ll definately buy this :slight_smile:

I thought you’d stop after sword&shield so seeing this was a very pleasant surprise. can I ask what your plans will be after this? are you thinking about more weapon sets in the future?

can you include a sprint with weapon ? :slight_smile:

Looks great! Will you also create a pack for bow animations?

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to use theses animations?

Where do I find the FBX source files?

This asset isn’t even created fully yet, so it’s not possible that you already have it.

I’m guessing you refer to Sword and Shield Animset Pro? Source files are viewable only from you system (windows), they don’t show in UE4 Editor, because UE4 doesn’t support that. Go to \SnSAnimsetPro\Content\SnSAnimsetPro\SourceFiles\

I see you have a tutorial for this on unity do you have one for unreal engine?

I spent 5 years learning Unity visual scripting, so I know how to use this particular visual scripting tool for Unity. That’s the end of my gameplay programming skills, sorry :slight_smile: