Coming from unity there are many concept dont exist in unreal?

  1. can’t enable disable objects so how object pooling works in unreal?

  2. many clean code approaches desn’t exist:

  • dependency injection: using interfaces for resolving dependency.
  • mvc, mvvm and other design patterns are used widely in unity.
  1. when i interview and do test projects, all that matters for companies is project architecture and how to structure the code and this separates the level od developers. how this works in unreal?

I need to know both for blueprints and c++. i know c++ is not a modern language and many design patterns like DI do not work like in modern managed languages but I need to know what makes a developer the best one in unreal engine.

you have interfaces available.

I was going to type a lengthy reply, but i easily found pages and pages of discussion and answers to your questions with one forum search… try “unreal object pooling”.

write code that does what you need it to. Enabling and Disabling an object could mean a lot of different things.

Dependency Interjection, and likely every design pattern you can possibly think of, and have ever or will ever hear of, has been done in C or C++.

MVC as you understand it in Unity, is basically how handling player interaction has worked in Unreal since the beginning of time. You have a ViewportClient, a PlayerController, and a Pawn that work together to be your control/interaction in the world

You use any other design pattern that you can think of in the exact same way in Unreal as you do in Unity, most likely.

whaaaat? in almost 15 years of being a professional code author, i’ve never had anyone ask me anything like that.

In my opinion, basic familiarity with the engine, and knowing how to figure out how to make it do what needs to get done.

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Here is from a plugin ActorDetailUtilPlugin. Source is also from here:

I also wish that unreal devs will implement something like this and make this a built-in to the engine.

coming from unity as well. Enabling/disabling objects mean how to enable/disable an actor in unreal in playmode.

Based on my research there is currently no simple one-liner support for this. You basically need 3 things and you do that for every child component of that actor.

Here are some threads that discuss this.

And here is from the official documentation. I really find this useful especially if you would like to do a feature comparison of both engines.

Taken from the link above.