Coming from another GameEngine, What about network prog in UE ?

Hey guys !

Playing with the unreal engine and it’s pretty awesome I like it a lot.
I am coming from another GameEngine that I liked a lot because of it’s very simple network implementation, was very cool and fast to make great networking system for multiplayer games.

However, I didn’t noticed yet on the forums anything related to networking inside UnrealEngine, is it going to be the same process that we had to do in UDK ? or did they made easier to implement networking ? This was the man reason that I switched from UDK to another platform, but I really hope there is some way to get around with unreal engine right now.

Anyway, just another quick question : will it be possible for users to release what they have done ( projects, scripts etc ) on the market place by their own, free or not ?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Position and rotation are automatically replicated if you set the class RemoteRole to ReplicatedProxy. If you want variables to be replicated, you add those to a replication block and they are automatically sent to everyone.
You can also mark functions as server only, client only, or multicast, and those functions will automatically be sent over the network (if you call a server function from a client, it will take care of sending the function call over the network)

UE4 has a lot of networking features, it’s a core system of the engine. It does work in a similar way to UDK/UE3, so if you know that, you will have a head start. At the same time, we have been working hard to make it more efficient, easier to use, and add many new features in UE4. I’m afraid right now this is an area we don’t have a lot of documentation on, but we are working on that right now. You can also look at the ShooterGame sample which is a fully functional multi-player game including bots. If you run into any problems, please do post on the Answer Hub or these Forums.

Thanks for the replies !

I see, then I will have a look at those functionnalities, seems pretty cool.
Never tried to go for an authoritative server with unreal engine, that can be fun !