[ Comic ] Using Unreal Engine to Render Comic Art

Just to clarify before everyone jump down my throat. The 2 pics here were edited in Photoshop. However all i did was screw around with some blurs color adjusting and added some details to the snow on the asteroid to add a contrast. The snow particles were done with a particle emitter within unreal. at some point i’m going to try and make a video of this within the unreal engine. All in all though these are pretty representative of the quality i’m getting from the engine without any post work. I intend on using the unreal engine to render out scenes fora comic book i’m working on.


Here’s an Interior shot of the station. I used BP’s to place hierarchical instanced static meshes in a circle along a looped spline. So if you looked directly up you would see that it circles around. I really wanted to have the interior of this station have more flora to contrast the industrialization throughout but for the time being i just mirrored it with good results. Still researching how to accomplish this with the landscape editor but it seems i make have to make it a single static mesh and utilize tessellation to fill it with flora. Guess its homework time!!

This is a very zoomed out view of the station. If you look inside of the ring you can see some of the details of the buildings from the interior shot. Especially the ring of red from the exhaust of the heaters. To create the snow I spawned a particle emitter at the center of the station and let the simulation run until I liked where the snow drifted to. I may upload a video of this at some point to illustrate.

Each image was made using the cinematic camera with a custom color profile, and some post process effects mainly DOP blurs and gamma adjusting to get those rich blacks. I rendered out the screen shots with some serious processing power to eliminate pixeling the actual image size ended up being a huge 90 MB png file with dimensions of 13368 x 7520 so when I brought it into photoshop to do some resizing it created a natural anti aliasing.

Update New Images

From the hangar of a star ship where I plan on doing a short teaser within: