Comic-style Cutscenes question

Hey everyone, i’m completely new when it comes to unreal engine and developing in general, i’ve started learning Unity a month ago and then decided to switch to UE4 when it went free. I’m sorry if this was asked before but is there a way to integrate comic style cutscenes like some Metal Gear games have done, because as i’ve said, i’m new at this and am good at drawing so I reckon it would save me some time and effort, and i believe it would fit the style of a game i have in mind more than ****** cutscenes I could come up with :smiley:

Take a look at the platformer example, it’s got some really cool comic style cutscenes for its intro.

Thanks for answering, yea, that’s basically it. Gonna check the guide in detail i hope it’s a part of the tutorial and not just random addition :smiley: