Come Over Gaming S.L.U. / Videogames development and outsourcing studio.

Come Over Gaming S.L.U. it’s a videogames development and outsourcing studio. We offer our experience into the video games development field to anyone that requires. We have the knowledge and contacts to bring your project to life. From concept art to sound design we can help you to achieve your project goals.

We highly trust on the virtual reality technology and that’s the reason why we try to offer a wide service and support in this area.

We are specialized on level design, lighting and overall profiling and optimizations but we cover also another technical areas like concept art, programming, 3D modelling, or sound design for example.

We focus on present but we also take a look to the future with an open scope seeing how the technology evolves trying to adecuate the services we provide to our customers projects requeriments.

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