Come on..... Its WipEout!!

Hey guys…

Just a heads up of one of my favourite games being brought back from the dead, under a different name (since the studio closed) and now needs some help on kickstarter… and I believe uses UE4 =)

Can’t wait!!

It has potential , but it’s the first time i hear about the game, Steam could have a bigger impact. Also why is there one track only and i see no weapons gameplay.

This must be the third or fourth ‘Ex-Wipeout developer’ Wipeout clone I’ve seen appear over the past couple of years…

Absolutely zero demonstration of any kind of gameplay, not even sure their media is in-engine. Delivering the game is actually a stretch goal £115,000 over their campaign target. I couldn’t back this.

Have to say the new track design looks pretty cool…

RedOut looks better IMO.

I dunno, like Ambershee said - developers asking for money to provide a not-even-finished game is a bit of a joke IMO.

I have a hunch this user has only registered to promote this Kickstarter…

They put the same amount of effort into looking genuine on this forum as they put into the game… :smiley:

Not true, although I was a massive fan of the wipeout series… and flight sim/racing games in general. One of the reason I started playing with UE4 :wink: