Come Join Us for the March Game Jam!

lot of new people have joined us recently so… for those that want to jump straight into the fire.

I want to invite you to participate in Unreal’s March Game Jam:
MARCH GAME JAM: Theme: SET IT FREE - Events - Unreal Engine Forums!

So… Come One & All and Join Us for the March Game Jam!

when I first started with Unreal Engine, it was almost a month before I really started checking all the forum. then I noticed the Game Jam. so don’t overlook ‘Any’ of the forum here you’ll miss something I guarantee it. (best advice Ever)

Let me tell you a personal story… about the last Game Jam…
It was a dark & stormy night in a Galaxy Far Far… wait … that’s not it…
Had given up on having time to come up with an idea for the last Jam, although it stayed on my mind, like the thought of a long lost dear loved one.
The deadline was closing fast so I thought okay well I’ll miss one Game Jam nothing to cry over, right.
Well after crying for a long period of time, lol, just joking, well sorta.
An idea popped in my mind that I might would have time for, although the deadline was barely over a day away by now.
But I remembered the past Jams and how much the crunch and rush made me learn more than any Tutorial or Video ever had and my blood started pumping.
After very few hours of rest the deadline was closing in and the rush was On!
Sweat rolling off me like a Waterfall rushing over a cliff, computer smoking from the blazing speed I was moving at, the Wind blistering my face ripping the flesh baring the skin to… wait ok that part never happened but… you know…
Deadline was upon me & it wouldn’t Play! What?? What’d I do? It’s got to be the engine cause we Developers never make mistakes right? Oh Wait! There it is! You Big Dummy!
Packaged, Uploaded, Linked & Posted !!! Alright made it!
What? I still have 5 minutes I could have put that feature in! Darn It!

k, if you read all that, hope you enjoyed it or well sorta! Now get to planning - programming - gather your resources & come on & join us!
ps: Hope I can make it! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted in the hope of stories from other people that have participated in the Game Jams, btw. :stuck_out_tongue: hint

even if you are new, even if you fail, doing the game jam you will learn a lot.

fixing mistakes one makes is one of the best ways to learn UE4 and BPs etc. and practice reaching a deadline is extremely beneficial. not to mention the rush and excitement of racing against time to beat the dealine.

come join us! you won’t be disappointed! win, lose, or fail it’s all good! :cool:

ps: I posted earlier with some hints & suggestions that might help someone new to the Game Jam as well.!