Come Hangout in Slack!

Hey guys! I recently started a Slack channel that’s used to talk about dev works/current events/art/writing and a bunch of other topics. If you want to join and share your work or talk pretty much anything you want/talk to new people, send me a PM and I’ll invite you to the channel.

Hope to see you on Slack!

I guess you didn’t search the forums first?

Though the group is now moving away from Slack because it is hitting the ceiling of what Slack allows for free.


That’s awfully presumptuous of you, and I never intended for my Slack to be similar to Unreal Slackers.

Hey James,

Unreal Slackers covers the entire community of topics here.

Anything outside of said topics becomes less about Unreal

As the Unreal community (some 4k+ of us over the last 10 months I’ve been idle there) is already there, it only makes sense to either carve out a new channel in that slack (for something you feel is missing specifically – just shoot Nick an email), or start a slack with a different focus.

Either way, cheers.

I definitely am a fan of all community building attempts.

Good luck.