ComboBox won't dropdown when placed inside another WidgetBP(Resolved)

This was the incorrect question to ask, the CB does indeed dropdown, I have a different problem than I Proposed, sorry… this thread can be closed.

I have a Widget, inside of which is a combobox…

If I add the widget that the combobox is in, to the viewport, the dropdown works and I can see the options added.

(Creating Widget, Set REF to CB, Adding to viewport - works as intended)

However, as soon as I take the widget the CB is in, and place it inside another widget, and add that to the viewport instead, the CB appears but the dropdown no longer drops down.

EDIT: I had the wrong Screenshot up, grrrrr.

I have debugged it to the point where I know that the options are getting added, the list just doesn’t drop down. I have also reproduced this in another project.

What is happening? Any help would be great, thanks!

Here is the first widget (WcbLocalNPC) inside the widget WMainGUI, Nothing crazy is going on and I have done this before… so I’m either having a derp moment and missing something simple, or new 4.19 bug?