ComboBox Localisation

Currently, I’m trying to localize my project, and the Localisation Dash Panel is very handy.
But it won’t work with the options of the ComboBox.
So, if I want to localize my ComboBox, what should I do?

Store the desired options as a text array and populate the combobox from those texts at runtime. The text array is then able to be gathered and translated.

What if someone changes the language at runtime? Almost all Text widgets in the game update automatically, but if a ComboBox is built off text converted into strings at create-time, it won’t be updated, and you’d have to refresh any comboboxes in the game manually to get the update text.

Why not use localized text for this widget in the first place, like almost all the other UI widgets?

Warming this thread up again, are there any plans to make the combo box properly localizable with support for runtime switching? I see that Fortnite is currently handling this with a popup saying that not everything can be switched at runtime and a restart is recommend, would be curious to know if there are plans to fix it. Thanks!

Still needing this. New company, new project now… same issue :wink:

I did it that way. Created a function that removes existing options and adds them again depending on the language. I just called the function when the language changed. This is probably the only solution


If anyone else goes through this. Here’s my solution. Just like the user above said. First clear the combobox and re add the options. I’m using this in the Event Construct and every time the language is changed.