Combo System + Aerial Attacks ( Kingdom Hearts, DMC Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy 15 Style)

I’ve been working on a combo system which uses switch on int to play different sections of an animmontage.

the blueprint code to make this work properly is a daunting task as flow control is key to making the combo blend properly.

I was wondering if anyone has a good idea on how to achieve a good blend when triggering different sections of an animmontage and making sure the animation plays out fully before moving on to the next attack?

Another question I have is about keeping the player in the air for the duration of the combo only falling if no button is being pressed or the max combo hit amount is reached and combo must reset. Right now I am using the Launch Character node to timeline and then another launch set to 0.01 across the board which works to a small degree, but I feel isn’t mixing well with the combos.