Combo System Actor Component

Hey guys,

This is Mateus, me and my buddy Gustavo are very happy to annouce that our second product, Combo System Actor Component, was realesed today (03/02/2016) on Marketplace.

This actor component was created to help everyone who wants to implement any command sequence in their project (please don’t relate Combo System with only fighting games, it is applicable to all kinds of games).

With Combo System you can:

  • Have control of what each command does;
  • Wich combo was finished;
  • When the player gives the wrong command;
  • Remaining time for the player to finish the combo (can be changed during the commands);
  • Waiting time the player needs to wait before giving the right command;
  • And many more, watch tutorial video for more details.


Version 1.1 - Working

Add example actor with random combo.
Add example actor with a random result of the combo sequence, but not changing the combination.


Tutorial Video


We will use this thread to keep you posted on new stuff.

Please let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



Presentation Video

OMG it released! That was fast!

True lol
Thanks for the excitment!!
I hope you enjoy it!

i really cant apreciate the system with this promotional video :confused: looks more like a tutorial i cant buy something i dont understand, but looks interesting i’ll give a try on the updates maybe (if u update it)

Hi Dream Real Team, just wanted to say Great Marketplace Idea! I initially purchased with no solid idea for use. But, it now has a purpose as a Combo System in my RPG to activate many types of Actions, Melee Attack/Guards, Spells, Weapon Modes. A Combo System is *FUN *way to activate many different actions with a smaller set of control inputs (ie gamepad).

I’m just starting to dig deep in the inner workings of the system. Upfront, it appears only Sequential Combos are supported. I’m also interested in treating Multiple Input as a Single Input such as pressing/releasing Button A + B or Keyboard Shift + Alt + W, etc. Is this sort of combo supported? If not, can it be added in an update?

I totally agree Game Devs should think beyond just Fighting Games (which is what I’m doing), but, a Fighting Game would be the perfect demo for showing off the Combo System’s massive potential, Boosting Sales.

Keep the awesome work.

Hey Neff, I agree with you that it looks like a short tutorial, but this was the ideia, we have an ideia of showcasing it in a differnt more cinematic way, the problem not is lack of time. We’re currently working on a lot of things. But if you want to have a better ideia of what you can do, this is a link of a post I created for promoting the products we have:!&highlight=for+any+game

I hope you can get a better understanding of what can be created using this.
Other than this, if you have an ideia we could do to help you better understand it, please let us know. We love critisim, it helps us grow :slight_smile:

All the best,


Hey Techlord, thanks a lot for you comment it really made us happy, The initial ideia we have to demo this product was an RPG lol.
But we have a couple of ideias of showcasing it in different ways to appeal to more people, it’s on the works, but we’re currently really busy.
As for the multiple commands at the same time, it’s really a good ideia that we hadn’t thought about before the release, we’ll be sure to try to find a way to do so and getting the proper result, we’ll surely update it.

All the best,


Any plans to upgrade this to 4.16?