Combo Skipping Steps

So I’m trying to do a basic combo system, following a tutorial and later changing it down, just trying to get something basic first, when my int goes to the 2nd animation, I can outright skip it to the third one, instead of waiting for it to finish like when you go from 1 > 2. I’t strange because in the tutorial (this one if you’re questioning: UE4 Blueprint Tutorial 05 - Melee Combat (3/6) - YouTube) the animation aren’t skipped right away, you first need to do it before you can go to the next one, by using the delay at the end, but it’s ignoring when you go from 2-3 and so on.

Hi, BlizzKrut.
Try to do this

I changed it to what you posted, but I can still skip it.


Ok, if you want to skip anim try to do this

Could you show me the context in what that is? Hard to know where to put it without seeing what’s around it, I also would like to **not **skip the animation, not skip it.

Seems like I managed to solve it, for future reference in case someone searches for this: