Combo Is Being Done With Single Button Click

So I’ve been following some guides and trying to implement a melee fighting system, and I’ve come across a problem, what happens is that whenever I click one time, instead of doing just the first animation, the character does all 3 in a row, I made it so you can have the key pressed and it does all 3, but I want it so that if you just press it one time, it just does the first part of the “combo”.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with the BP but I’ve not found the main issue, I’d like to see if someone could spot it.

The Link Combo is called when the Chain notify is passed in an animation, but it isn’t being called anywhere else so I fail to see what the problem could be.

It is most likely due to you having your main execution logic on Event Tick.

Event tick is going to fire more than once while you have the left mouse button pressed down, and will always fire all 3 portions of your switch statement. I recommend changing the logic in a way that doesn’t involve Event Tick.

You’re right, that fixed the problem, I’ll find another way of being able to do what I wanted with the button pressed, thank you.

I believe my tutorials might be of some assistance…Click the Wip thread below…the playlist is here as well - Alice In Tokyo Wonderland - YouTube
but yeah it shows how to go from combo to combo, switch weapons, traces, air combat, lock on, and other typical things to have in sword slashy games…