Combo Command for entering a State Machine

Hi. Enyone knows how to create a command like for exemple : Right; Right for starting run in a Fighting game?
I created a Function in the Character Blueprint, but i don’t know how to use it for calling the state machine in the animBP!!!

By the way…after entering the new state i’m not able to go back to Idle State…

Your transitionto the idle state is when Input XAB is greater than 0.4, are you sure its not supppsed to be less than? Also of you made a function in the character blueprint, you can make a function that sets the variables you need in the event graph of the animation blueprint, and then call it from the character blueprint. Drag in the mesh component youre using thats using the animBP, drag out the blue pin and type GetAnimInstance, then cast that to whatever your animation blueprint is called, then drag out the blue pin from there and call the function.

Thnx, Solved.