Combining two landscape materials?

Hey guys! I’m pretty much new to Unreal and have currently been looking into a proper way to texture a snowy landscape I created earlier on. I’ve first created an auto material that is basically a blend of snow and rock surfaces, it’s dynamically based on the angle of the terrain, no layers involved. This material was supposed to be more of a base, as I was now hoping to add more refined texture layers by adding a material with paintable layers in it, this material was purchased from a content pack, so making sense of its in an outputs has been a little difficult for me. Guess I imagined this to be a little easier, especially with my lack of knowledge in Unreal’s texture tools. What I was basically hoping for was to take my dynamic landscape material and add it as a layer to the already multi layered landscape material I was hoping to combine it with. Is there a way I can simply toss my dynamic material into the layer blend of the other material?

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