Combining Textures

Is there a way to combine multiple textures to one on runtime? and I don’t mean like each texture in a different color channel, but literally combining 3 textures to 1.

You can combine them in the material with lerp nodes.

yep, but I want to do it for an image/icon.

Can you be a bit more specific? Because you can make an icon at runtime from a material instance that involves blending textures.

You could also transition between different icons using opacity.

I have an object that I want to contain an icon for it (like when in inventory) but that object is built from 3 different customizable parts in runtime and each part contain an icon. So I want the final icon to be made out of these 3 ones. I didn’t know that you can make an icon from a material, might be worth checking out. Do you have a source I can learn from how to do that? Cause I didn’t see any.


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